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Here is today’s diary.
I had got started to finish my homework today. Suddenly, I found there were so many homework, Maths, Physics, Reading and so on. Damn, I don’t think I have any time to enjoy the holiday at all!
It’s not funny! It should be a holiday! But clearly,it’s not! It had become a big homework time! It is holiday, why the hell we have to finish homework?
I felt so disappointed…
Spring festival is coming by the way… I don’t even feel happy, WTH?



I haven’t write a diary for a long time. But today, I have to write something because I’m pissed.

What the f**k is this? This is my god damn life? I want to learn about programming god damn it! I’ve bought so many books about programming but I don’t even have a chance to open them. I spent my money on nothing. It’s a f**king waste of money isn’t it?

What about my dream? Who cares? Nobody will give a f**k about it. Everyone has fallen into a god damn competition witch has no end. I get up every day go to school, what’s for? We study because we need to take other’s opportunity away and make it own.

In this competition, we forget about dream, we forget about love, we forget about everything but winning.

I am a loser. I’m saying it proudly, because at least I have a dream and I still love others.

F**k this battle, I don’t wanna win, I ‘m outie.

   Long time since last time I wrote a diary, because these days were so busy to write one. Since today I don’t have much home work, I decided to write one.

   Yesterday were so busy that I kept doing homework till 9 p.m. and then I finally can have a rest. I read “Homer Epic – Iliad” and “A song of Ice And Fire” on the bed. As you can see, I was too busy to read a book before I went to bed, what a busy day it was!

    Now, everything is all right, but I had an unlucky day. I failed in dictation again! I was so unhappy with it and I had a Chinese test and I don’t think I did it well.

    It was terrible! I don’t know what to do about it right now! Read more books? I’ve never been good at Chinese before, what’s terrible is that I don’t think I will. I don’t know how to study at all, I think. I will kill myself if I keep doing nothing.

    I’m worry about myself now. Life in high school is so terrible! But I’m sure I have met something even worse before. I can handle this, I believe in myself!

So, here is my diary today, November 20th. No anything special, the only thing different is that the PSV 2.0 system is available, now I can receive email on PSV!

It’s still a busy day, busy with study and homework. There should be a sax lessen now, but teacher has got some business so the lesson is cancelled, glad to hear that! Now, all I have to do is to finish my homework and then practice sax.

I’m gonna finish reading the book “A Father First” tonight on my bed. The book is so interesting, but I wanna finish it mostly because I wanna get on with “A Song of Ice and Fire” tomorrow.

Whatever, get back to work!