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Another week past. Today is a really tiring day. Christ, I’m pretty sure that it is the worst weekend I have ever met.
Let me say something about yesterday. Yesterday was great! I met my girl friend for the first time. I mean… My new girl friend. How did I know her without meeting her? That was a creepy story and I don’t wanna talk about this right now. She’s a cute girl, but a little heavy. We chat every night and I know she is kind. Now I’m making a plan for her to lose weight. I love her, she loves me too. Wonderful isn’t it.
Hope things would be better…
It’s very late now… Gotta sleep, that’s all, good night.


    I don’t know why I’m still busy even during the weekend. What’s going on? I felt so tired of the life I have.

    So much homework kept me busy. It’ll take me about an afternoon to finish them all! During week days, I always do my homework until half past nine.

    Life is so tiring! I will get through this.