Tomorrow is gonna be the last day I stay in Vancouver. I’ve met a lot of friends here. I love this place. Since it’s gonna be the last day. I don’t wanna sleep too early, in order to make the day longer.

I’m watching a film now, it’s name is The Wrestler. I’ve watched it once long time ago, watching old films is kind of interesting. You may amazed that you’ve forgot so many things happened in the film.

It’s hard to say good bye to the guys here. They are all so kind. The staffs are awesome. So of them are Taiwanese, they can speak Chinese. Well, I think I can get rid of Chinese completely here.

I’ve also met some little girls. Some of them are from Guangzhou, China, some of them are from Taiwan. A Taiwan girl even played Ninja Gaiden. That was amazing. Today is an eight-year-old girl Milo’s birthday. She’s kind of cute, I like her very much.I’m also amazed that little kids now know a lot of things I don’t know. Internet is a weird thing.

Since the movie is playing on, I’m gonna write more. 

We will go shopping tomorrow. I still have 80 dollars. I wanna spend all the money because when I got home, my father will take them away. I’m pretty mush sure to buy the Official Game Guide of The Elder Scroll : Skyrim, the legendary edition. The paper cover once will cost 36 dollars. I’m not sure how to deal with the rest 44 dollars. Maybe clothes or something.

This is gonna be the longest post I’ve ever had. I’ll miss the UBC, miss the IH staffs, miss Vancouver, miss Canada. This summer is so great!