I haven’t write a diary for a long time. But today, I have to write something because I’m pissed.

What the f**k is this? This is my god damn life? I want to learn about programming god damn it! I’ve bought so many books about programming but I don’t even have a chance to open them. I spent my money on nothing. It’s a f**king waste of money isn’t it?

What about my dream? Who cares? Nobody will give a f**k about it. Everyone has fallen into a god damn competition witch has no end. I get up every day go to school, what’s for? We study because we need to take other’s opportunity away and make it own.

In this competition, we forget about dream, we forget about love, we forget about everything but winning.

I am a loser. I’m saying it proudly, because at least I have a dream and I still love others.

F**k this battle, I don’t wanna win, I ‘m outie.