Today is November 21st, and it’s even busier than yesterday. I don’t know what’s going on, and something make me nervous. This day is in the book written pages, so, just let it be, I don’t care.

    As I’ve said, I’m gonna start reading “A Song of Ice And Fire” tonight. I have finished reading “A Father First” last night. After reading the book of Dwyane Wade, I can feel that how important faith is in life, when you wanna do something, first believe in yourself, or you can’t achieve nothing.

    Though something happened today – I don’t know what, I will keep doing what I think is right, and what I thing I need to do. Nobody can stop me, nobody can bother me. 

    The exam has become history and it’s not important any more! What’s important is how much I can improve the next time, this time I have failed to stay in the top, but now I finally know what I really am. Last time was all about luck, this time is exactly what I got, and now I know how much I need to be improved.

    I have a direction now and I’m not afraid any more. Failure is not terrible, what’s terrible is  being defeated by it. Now, get your ass ready to start again!