Finally! The last day of mid-term exam! I feel so excited! After three days I feel so tired to eat junk food for lunch, so tired of unstable dinner and long night!

    I’m going to do something after school. I don’t know what to do now, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out with my friends.

    I think it will be so great after the exam!

    I have nothing to do right now, reviewing the things I have learnt is so boring, so I decided to write a post and tell the world how I feel right now.

    Life in high school is quite different from before, I have girl friend now, I’ve become so popular in the school and I don’t know why! I feel I’m so special now.

    Life has changed and I will make some changes, too! Though is not the life I really wanted, but I think I should satisfied with the things I have while some people don’t even have enough things to keep full. How poor!

    So, I decided to face everything in my life directly, without hesitation. Every night, I do the same thing – chat with my girl and say “good night”. Since I have a girl friend now, I think I should be a responsible man and be nice to her.

     I’m glad to say I get along well with her!

    Enjoy the life!